Globalization has assisted multinational companies to grow rapidly. The financial instruments of mergers across the globe have been successfully used to evade the monopoly laws of countries and create monolithic giants through globalized mega mergers. The field of telecommunications is no exception. Here too a few giants are ruling the roost through the weapon of the international merger. But this is ultimately causing problems for those very people, namely the Customers, whom these large Carriers or Servers profess to serve. Customers are finding it more and more difficult to get telephonic connections as and when required and even after getting connections, calls are getting terminated without warning. It is now realized that the fault lies, not in the height of the Booster towers or in their density, or even in the vast amounts of funds being pumped into the telecommunications infrastructure, but in the topicality of the locations, the architecture of the habitations and interference by the existing natural or artificial Ecosphere. It is now obvious, that only the Cell Signal Booster individually owned and adapted by each Customer, can help alleviate the situation.

Is It A Device For Common People?

 Though initially reserved for only the Exclusive of Society as a luxury item, mobile cell phones have become a commonplace essential of our daily lives. These devices have nearly replaced face to face conversations, and we now depend on them completely for every phase and event in our lives. As miniaturization has increased, prices have plunged, and many of the best features are available to common people. It is not surprising then that the problem of signal strength affects everyone, regardless of station in life. The Cell Signal Booster has been designed to suit the pockets of common people, and is made of simple components.

signal booster

Budget Price

The Device consists of two antennas and a booster amplifier box. The first antenna is specially designed to pick up signals that are not even detected by the cell phone, and is generally located at a position where it can receive the transmitted signal easily. A co-axial cable takes this signal to the booster, where both quality augmentation and amplitude boosting is done, before the second antenna picks this output up and transmits it to the phone. The Price is based mainly on the simple components, and can be suited to every pocket.


While most people are not in the know yet, the Popularity is growing by the day.